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      Hundreds come out for an Annual Fall Festival

      Parishioners from St. Paul the Apostle's Church in Calumet started the festivities with some traditional Polka music at Mass.

      The church's Annual Fall Festival wrapped up on Sunday. The festival celebrates all the different ethnic groups that came together during the mid '60s by sharing traditional foods.

      Jeremiah Mason says he grew up participating in the event.

      "I think it's a great tradition, not just for this parish, but for the whole Copper Country. All of the different ethnic groups came, settled here; it's a great way to remember that heritage to help keep those traditions alive," said Mason.

      Foods from seven different countries were served. They had plates from Slovenia, Italy, Germany, France, and India, to name a few. The line was backed up past the hall doors as people waited to get some food. Church officials say more than 500 people came out for the festival.

      The Fall Festival is the only event that raises funds for the church. Last year they raised $6,000, and they hope to exceed that amount to $8,000 this year.

      Fall Festival Chairman, Pat Trudell, says the funds raised really help out the church.

      "What we do with that money is, you know, redo the parking lots, buy new tables and much more. So without it, we would be hard pressed to do all of that," said Trudell.

      Festivities continued throughout the day.