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      Hundreds dive into Lake Michigan for donations

      On Tuesday, rather than spend New Yearâ??s Day relaxing, dozens dove into Lake Michigan to raise money in the Third Annual "Da Yooper Plunge".

      Over 200 people celebrated by diving into the icy cold water for the River Cities Pool and the D.A.R. Boys and Girls Club of Menominee and Marinette.

      "All kids will be receiving free swim lessons this summer, compliments of all the hard work and the people taking the plunge today," explains program coordinator Koreen Denowski.

      The quick dip into the wintry waters began three years ago and since then has quadrupled in participation.

      "There was like 52 plungers--last year we had 92--and this year we're more than doubled," Denowski says. "We're over 200 people and people are still coming in to register."

      First Responders were also on the scene overseeing the plunge to make sure nothing goes wrong.

      "It gets slippery down there; we get some people that may fall, may break a leg or an arm," explains Captain Michael Mas of the Menominee City Fire Department, "or a possible heart attack from the sudden shock of the cold water."

      Despite everything, many here say they will be back, same time, next New Year.