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      Hundreds kayak

      Don't worry. It's not your TV screen. These kayaks are upside down. Well, actually people are in them learning to get back up after being tipped over.

      It's the 28th Annual Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium, organized by Down Wind Sports.

      It's David Potuznik's first time at the symposium.

      "It's a lot of fun, you can see what you are doing. You are working, but you don't really realize it because it's more fun than anything," said Potuznik.

      It's a four-day event where participants learn and train to kayak from 40 instructors. There are many different classes from beginners to advance.

      Bill Thompson with Down Wind Sports says this year, there's a new group of people.

      "This year we are starting to bring kids together from the city to come up here and experience what the Upper Peninsula is all about and what the sport of sea kayak is," said Thompson.

      More than 100 people came from across the world.

      Andrea Knepper says it's the first time Adventureworks, a youth group, traveled from Chicago to attend the symposium.

      "They are troopers, they are fantastic. I think they are pretty exhausted and having a really great time. It's just a tremendous opportunity," said Knepper.

      For some, like Raychael Ayres, it's their first time kayaking.

      "To face my fears, like I was really scared of the water and it was just really cool to learn to trust in yourself when you are out there. So it was really fun," said Ayres.

      The event costs $200 to attend, but the equipment was included.