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      Hundreds of NMU students compete on the beach

      Northern Michigan University students crowded the Dead River Beach Sunday.

      Sixty four teams, totaling about 600 students, competed in the annual Dead River Games. The event is a September tradition for NMU and kicks off a week of homecoming activities. NMU's Special Events Committee organized the games. Students competed in events like the egg toss, sand sculpture contest, ice cream drop, and the obstacle course, which involved getting down and dirty in the sand.

      "It was great. A little slow start, but we pulled it through in the end... Good ROTC army crawling, good crab is the main form there, and then we got them ping pong balls quick, and just a quick sprint to the finish. We performed well. Oh, it was a great time," said NMU sophomore Jacob Bass after winning the obstacle course with his team.

      The afternoon was so cold and rainy that most competitors said it was much warmer to be in the water than on the sand.