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      Hundreds participate in the U.P. Pink Power walk

      Some early birds started their Saturday with a morning walk.

      Hundreds gathered at Tall Timbers for the U.P. Pink Power walk in Gwinn. The huge group embarked on a 17 mile walk from Gwinn to Arnold.

      This year they're raising funds to provide automated external defibrillator to each county in the U.P. Last year they were able to purchase 12 machines and this year they are hoping for at least 16 to 20.

      The U.P. Pink Power group also helps people with cancer and other diseases.

      "I have a friend locally and she just found out she has cancer. She's a single mom she works hard she's got two kids. They were able to help her out and I just think that it's awesome," said Candance Wares. "It's amazing. It's absolutely amazing. We have people from Escanaba, Gladstone, Ishpeming, Marquette, Big Bay, Wattson. The amount of money they raise is phenomenal," said Laurie Vandamme, U.P. Pink Power.

      The group hopes to raise $15,000 this year.

      Now the walk has been going on since the late 60's, but it's only been in the last five years where they have turned it into a fundraiser.