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      Hundreds smiling thanks to free dental work

      On Saturday, over 150 residents headed to the John Fornetti Center in Iron Mountain for his seventh annual Dentistry from the Heart.

      Every seat was taken, in both the waiting and examination rooms, by patients seeking free dental services.

      "I don't have dental coverage," explains Republic resident Regan Cook. "I just broke a toothâ?|it was a great time to have a dentist look at it at no charge and make sure that everything was okay."

      However, being uninsured didn't matter. As long as patients were 18 or older they would be cared for on a first come, first serve basis.

      Over 70 volunteers, including the four dentists, provided residents with over $50,000 worth of free dental work.

      Cook said, "Itâ??s nice to see that the community does care" and that "they understand not everybody is fortunate enough to have these services."

      Patients were offered a filling, extraction or cleaning. Anyone that wanted two services just had to put their name back on the list for the second request.

      Vulcan resident Richard Holmes insists that it's great for the dentists to open up their facilities to "serve other people."

      "All I can say is thank them very much and God bless," added Holmes.

      All the services are paid for by John Fornetti himself. He and the other dentists say patients aren't the only ones benefitting from the visit.

      "It's a win-win," says dentist Bob Dillman. "Win for the patients and a win for us giving back to the community."