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      Hundreds travel to honor veterans

      A parade of snowmobilers embarked on a guided cruise in the back country of Seney.

      "I think people coming together like this is a great idea," said Fred Little, Korean War veteran.

      They all came to honor the sacrifices our veterans have made.

      "The job that we do, a lot of times, goes unseen and unsung. So, it's nice to be appreciated for the things that we do," said Eric Reed, Iraq War veteran.

      It's the 10 Annual Seney Vet Ride. Owners of the Fox River Motel, who are retired veterans, started this ride as a way for veterans to experience and enjoy support from the community.

      "The first year we did, we only had, like, 53 people, and every year it has increased. Even on the years when we had no snow, people came anyway. They didn't ride; they just came to enjoy the vets," said Diane Reed, organizer.

      Now, it's grown to have more than 300 people ride.

      "We have to be sure that we remember our veterans and the service they have provided us. Many sacrifice their lives, many have suffered PTSD and all the injuries they've had over time," said Dan Benishek, U.S. Representative.

      "Especially now that we have combat situations going on right now with veterans over there serving our country, we want young people to see this," said Tom Casperson, State Senator 38th District.

      In groups of 30, they traveled down different trails to the Eaglewoods Nest for lunch.

      Many joining are veterans, and for them it's a day full of fun and camaraderie.