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      Hundreds turn out for Walt Kyle Mile

      A record turnout Saturday morning for the 5th annual Walt Kyle Mile. More than 150 walkers and runners filled Marquette sidewalks.

      Part of their route took them past the Beacon House, the recipient of the fundraiser. The Beacon House hosts cancer patients and their families while they are in Marquette for treatments. Northern Michigan University head hockey coach Walt Kyle is a two-time cancer survivor.

      "Often times we don't sit back and realize how many people we know are affected by cancer or other diseases," said Kyle. "When you get in a group like this and talk to people and hear their stories, you really realize how important it is for people that are suffering to have support from their friends."

      Kyle's players and many other NMU athletes participated Saturday morning. You can still make donations in honor of the event. Go to www.upbeaconhouse.org for more information.