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      Hundreds walk against bullying

      Love out loud, hundreds of people chanted as they marched together down Front Street.

      Students from Marquette Alternative High School, along with the community, walked in the fight against bullying. Many, like Sophia Novak, came out because they've been bullied.

      "I know that a lot of other students are in our school are here because of bullying. Our school is a family, so when we made this goal and commitment, I was so behind it. It's an issue that is huge, it's everywhere, and it needs to be stopped," said Novak.

      It started off as a challenge to conduct a class project that impacts the city. Students realized bullying is a huge problem and as a result, Love Out Loud was born.

      Cynthia DePetro, the teacher who gave the students the challenge, says they started organizing the walk in March.

      "A way of expressing the fact that if you see it and hear it, you stop it. So we feel if a human being does what they're supposed to do, initially, and that's just outwardly be loving. Then, we never really have to worry about bullying," said Depetro.

      Students realize this will not solve the issue of bullying in schools and in the community, but they do hope this will start the conversation to help solve this worldwide problem.

      Washington Street was closed down for one block as the marchers flooded the streets. It lasted 40 minutes and ended back at the school.

      City officials and athletes showed their support; among them Justin Florek, former Northern Michigan University hockey player and Marquette native.

      "It's just great to get the community together and fight against a cause like this. Just get everyone to back it up and realize it's a problem that we can all fight together," said Florek.

      At the end, people were asked to sign contracts that said they will stand up against bullying. The event was such a success they hope it becomes an annual event.