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      Hunt heads to Alaska to start veterinary care

      Dr. Tim Hunt has been a veterinarian for the last 24 years. Now his passion is sending him to rural Alaska on a mission to establish veterinary care and population control for dogs and cats.

      "There's just no affordable, or opportunity, I should say, for people with animals to have veterinary care. These villages are very, very poor and packs of animals running around and kids getting bit all the time," said Hunt.

      After receiving a USDA grant for $15,000 and a license from Alaska, he plans to spend eleven days working in at least 67 villages along the Kuskokwim river starting in Akiak.

      "I've been to the different villages in the wintertime, working with the Iditarod, and I saw that there's a big need up there. There just isn't anyone stepping up to the plate to do this kind of thing in Alaska," Hunt said.

      Hunt says the amount of dogs keeps increasing, and there's no means of caring for them. He plans on spaying and neutering at least twenty dogs and cats per village in hopes of keeping their numbers at a manageable level.

      Hunt says it's a service he will provide free. He hopes this program continues to grow with more and more vets joining.

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