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      Hunter found by helicopter

      A lost hunter on the Baraga-Iron County line has been found and he's safe. He's 78-year-old Leroy Carlston from downstate Muskegon.

      Carlston is in good health, according to officials.

      A Department of Homeland Security helicopter was in the U.P. conducting an unrelated operation when it became available to searchers. The chopper located Carlston just after 4:30 p.m. Central Time Tuesday afternoon. He was in a remote area of southern Baraga County between Ned Lake and the South Nestoria Road.

      The helicopter crew directed rescuers to Carlston's location. He was in Upper Michigan grouse hunting.

      According to the Iron County Sheriff's Department, Carlston was reported lost on a two-track with food and water and his vehicle was near the Baraga-Iron County line.