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      Hunters gearing up for opening day

      They are gearing up for Thursday, opening day of rifle season. Everyone's amped up for it.

      Hunting is a family tradition that is passed down to people like Ray Hedberg.

      "It's just time to think, sit, enjoy the outdoors, wildlife, and nature. So if a deer comes in and it's worth shooting, that's just gravy," said Hedberg.

      Many are planning to stay at camp for several days, so they are stocking up on steaks, produce, and canned foods.

      Jubilee Foods Store Manager, Dustin Gransinger, says they are seeing people come in several days earlier to stock up.

      "It increases probably 30 to 40 percent for those three to four days ahead of deer season. So it's really big for us; it is probably one of the top three weeks of the year for sales," said Gransinger.

      Hunters are not just stocking up on food. They are getting last minute hunting equipment. Ammo for their rifles, scopes, bright orange clothing, cushions for deer stands, and safety harnesses.

      Kirk Bott with Gander Mountain says it's been packed.

      "There's a new harness this year that actually has an automatic descend system. It will just descend you, right to the ground. It will lower you; it's like a tether system so when you hit the end of your tether, it will just lower to the ground," said Bott.

      You can't forget the bait--guys get loads of carrots and beets dropped in their trailer. The way some see it, the more bait, the more deer.

      Opening day for some, like Glen Smith, is about the time they share with their friends at camp and hunting.

      "I'm hoping primarily that my buddies get a deer, moreso then even I would like to get a deer. To see somebody kill a deer that has not gotten one in a while. Once you got one, then the work begins at that point," said Smith.

      Many hope to see a lot more deer in the woods this year.