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      Hunters head to DNR check station

      Saturday was a busy day at check stations as many hunters stopped by to check their deer.

      At the station, a DNR tech looks at the teeth to age the deer. They also look at the antlers and weight. All this information is used to gauge the health of the deer population in the area.

      Many of the hunters checking deer were from downstate.

      "We were about to head back for lunch, and we decided to go up on top of the ridge and found one on the other side of a swamp about 200 yards or so and took a shot at him. Got lucky," said Thomas Cox, hunter.

      "It's exciting to see deer and to get one, and it's just part of the tradition of coming up here so we just enjoy it," said Tom Rosely, hunter.

      Deer check stations will also be open Sunday until 4 p.m. in the afternoon.