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      Huron Mountain Bakery is in the running to make Michigan's best doughnut is currently searching for Michigan's best doughnut and a local favorite is on the list of potential bakeries.

      The website held a poll on for folks across the state to nominate their favorite bakeries. Currently, writers from the site are traveling to 33 bakeries in 10 days to taste test the doughnuts.

      Huron Mountain Bakery is the only bakery from the Upper Peninsula to make the list of 33.

      "We like to experiment every so often. So sometimes you see some new ones that are kind of floating out around there. So when we have time we like to try out new ones, see what people like, just a variation. We have a great variety of doughnuts," said Rachel Freeman, Production Manager at Huron Mountain Bakery.

      Freeman also mentioned that love goes into every doughnut at the bakery. will be at Huron Mountain Bakery on Sunday March 23rd from 11 a.m. until noon.