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      Husband in court facing charges for the murder of his wife

      The preliminary hearing for the alleged murder of Ethel Grzena Peters began in Gogebic County District Court on Wednesday.

      Kenneth Wayne Peters, 50, is being charged with the murder of his wife, Ethel, who went missing back in August and was found dead.

      During testimony the woman who reported Grzena Peters missing talked about an interaction with Kenneth. She said that she spoke to Kenneth after Ethel had gone missing, asking him jokingly if he killed her. The witness then said that Kenneth said he wasn't the murdering type while staring blankly, and then walked away.

      The woman who found Ethel's body on her property also testified on Wednesday. The witness said she returned from vacation and could tell somebody had been on her property. She found a milk carton, a purple cup and evidence of a bonfire.

      A Meals on Wheels delivery person testified in court as well. He said that he delivered milk cartons to Ethel and Kenneth, and that he thought it was out of the ordinary for nobody to be around when he was delivering to their home.

      There are four more people expected to testify on court on Wednesday after the lunch break. We will provide updates from court, and for updates live from the courtroom, check out @wluctv6 on Twitter.