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      Hydrotherapy may help you walk again

      The HydroWorx Therapy Pool at U.P. Rehab Services in Marquette offers a unique way for patients to recover from injuries and surgeries. The calm waters help physical therapists in a way that can't be achieved on land.

      Hydrotherapy has helped Brenda Dulany more than she ever imagined. She hasn't walked on her own two feet normally since her foot surgery last September. To make things worse, she fell and injured her same foot in November. She relies on her knee-walker for mobility. In only three weeks of hydrotherapy, Brenda says the treatment is remarkable.

      "It took the fear away. I'm doing more things at this point than I thought was possible," said Dulaney.

      U.P. Rehab Services treats eight to ten patients a day in their four-and-a-half foot HydroWorx Therapy Pool.

      "I've seen patients in here only able to walk maybe 50 to 200 feet on land, walk up to 10 to 15 minutes," said Kerstin Halonen, Physical Therapist Assistant.

      The pool can be used to treat just about any injury or it can help athletes get a leg up on their training. The pool reduces weight and stress on muscles and joints. On land, Brenda needs help to move, but in the pool, she can walk on a treadmill and enjoy a jet massage.

      In about two weeks, Brenda will be making her transition to on-land therapy to continue to restore her mobility; something she says can't come soon enough.

      "Oh, I can't wait to walk on two feet again outside of the pool," Dulany said.

      But until then, she's making the best of her situation and having some fun in the water. The water is set for a warm 96 degrees. Brenda says that's one of her favorite parts of the therapy.

      "It makes things move a lot easier being warm. When it's cold outside, I look forward to coming in here," she said while laughing.

      When she's able to walk on her own, Brenda will return to her job as a nurse for Marquette General Hospital.

      "Water therapy, being in the pool, is better than a piece of chocolate cake," she added.