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      "I can smile again"

      Prosthodontics is a form of dentistry that specializes in restoring smiles. At the Bay Area Center for Complex Dentistry in Escanaba, they do just that and have welcomed a new dentist into their ranks. They really put a smile on your face. Dr. Joseph Lasnoski and his staff can turn the most damaged teeth into a set of pearly whites. "We can take patients that have complex problems and get to the bottom of it...Once we assess the patient's issues and problems, we get to the bottom of those; we'll design a game plan, a prosthetic game plan, to return them to normal function," said Dr. Lasnoski, an Escanaba native. The prosthodontists deal with implants, crowns, dentures...all to restore a happy smile. Alan Cheney of Bark River is one of the practice's best success stories. He had a collapsed bite. They completely restored his smile in a matter of months through prosthodontics. "I couldn't be happier. This has been a life-changing experience for me, I mean a really life-changing...I can smile. I've always been a happy guy, but now I can smile," said Cheney, laughing. The practice welcomes a new dentist, Dr. Matthew Hallas. He's been touring the U.P. getting to know local dentists and patients. He says he enjoys forging relationships. "You also become friends with your patients. As we work with these patients, some of their cases can take us over a year to do, and in that time, they trust you and you become friends," said Dr. Hallas. Dr. Hallas is working on a new oral appliance to help with sleep apnea in place of a breathing mask. The practice provides the only prosthodontic service in the U.P. and treats hundreds of smiles every year. The Escanaba office is a satellite of the main office in Green Bay.