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      I scream, you scream, we all scream for pasties!

      Pasty lovers unite! The 11th annual Pasty Festival was held Saturday in Calumet. One of the main attractions was the pasty bake-off that anybody could take part in and show off their pasty making skills.

      The day started with a parade, followed by lots of vendors, food, a horseshoe tournament, live entertainment, and pasties of course. This year, the festival had the most vendors in the history of the event with just under 40 different groups setting up booths in Agassiz Park. Through all of the fun and events there is one major aspect that holds everything together.

      "Well pasties of course, pasties are special. They're special to our area. They're a Cornish food, we have to make sure we say Cornish," said Sue Dana of Main Street Calumet.

      "The weather is great and you have to love a pasty or you wouldn't be here to begin with so pasties are always the best, that's why we're here," said John Tobey, attendee at the Pasty Festival.

      The festival actually kicked off Friday with the Main Street Calumet Community Services Awards.