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      Ice climbing in Munising

      Heights can be intimidating for a lot of people. For a select few, reaching tall heights creates a massive adrenaline rush.

      Karly hasn't done anything quite like this before.

      "Just in climbing gyms. Never out in nature," said Karly Cushway, a first-time ice climber.

      What did she think after all of this?

      "Difficult! If this is the beginnerâ??s class, I would hate to see what the advanced one is," Cushway said.

      Karly wasn't the only first timer out there. The festival also attracted rock climbers that wanted to try it out to see how it compares.

      The gear used for ice climbing is similar to rock climbing. In ice climbing, the biggest difference is the use of spikes on the bottom of shoes, as well as axes.

      "A little bit easier because you can make your own hand holes and all that, a little colder, a little more energy to do the climb, but it's the WOW factor," said rock climber Michael Knill.

      Wow is right.

      Of course, the day wasn't all about rookies; there were plenty of people that have gone ice climbing before.

      Ice in Munising happens to be comparable to other areas.

      "This is very similar to what we did before. We were at an ice climbing quarry in Green Bay and same type of setup. That one was a little bit longer in distance," said ice climber Kevin Wehde.

      At Pictured Rocks, there's ice to climb for all levels of experience, it's just a matter of whether or not you have the guts.