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      Ice racing stopped cold by judge's order

      An ice track in Escanaba Township is creating controversy and has been a hot topic for nearly a year.

      On Friday, the final ruling was held in Delta County Circuit Court. Circuit Court Judge Stephen Davis granted an injunction, halting ice racing on the track.

      The plaintiffs requested for an injunction to prevent the defendant property owner, Robert Barron and Barron Farms, from using their property or any portion of it for ice racing. In January, Escanaba Township filed a civil lawsuit saying the track construction went against zoning requirements, and a site plan was never submitted.

      "It is though the bearer received it with an attitude of, if I build it, they won't stop it," said Judge Davis. "He was wrong. At most, Mr. Barron's decision was based on casual advice."

      The Barron family says they were told multiple times they did not need a site plan, otherwise they would've applied for one.