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      Ice waves stack homes in Keweenaw

      Residents in the Keweenaw had an unexpected wall of ice wash ashore recently.

      Large waves of ice smashed up against houses and saunas along the shore in the community of Big Traverse Bay.

      Some residents inhabit a second home in the neighborhood.

      Neighbors say the ice crept up slowly. One person even saying he went to take a photo of the sunrise in the morning, but later when he came home from work, the ice was stacked atop the homes.

      "It's just a massive wall of ice. I call it an ice tsunami that just came in and just crept up on the shore, so we have to deal with some property damage in there, but it could be worse. It looks like the worse is over" says, home owner, Paul Kitti.

      Kitti says an insurance adjuster will come to survey the damage to his property in a couple of days.