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      Icebreaker recovery

      The fourth annual Bark River Lions Icebreaker contest took place this winter. Community members guessed the date and time the truck would break through the ice. This tradition is not just about it the truck breaking through, it is also about the recovery.

      Each year, the Bark River Lions club allows the Delta County Sheriffs Dive Rescue Team to use their truck for recovery practice.

      â??We want these guys trained, and not under duress when theyâ??re practicing,â?? said Bark River Lions, King Lion, Toby Kuivinen.

      The waterâ??s wintery condition gets them used to tricky recovery situations. â??This is always good practice for us to dive in lower visibility water, colder water and also use our lift bags,â?? said Delta County Sheriff Dive Rescue Team volunteer diver, Jim Kirby.

      Although some of the divers have done this recovery before, they never know what they will find once they get down there.

      â??Iâ??ve been down on three different ones,â?? Kirby said. â??One time itâ??s been down on its wheels, one time itâ??s been on its side, and this time it was completely upside down.â??

      In an effort to keep our U.P. dive teams well trained, the Icebreaker truck is available to those who need it.

      â??Itâ??s more than welcome to any dive and rescue team around,â?? Kuivinen said. â??We havenâ??t turned anybody down yet.â??

      The recovery has become an event watched by much of the community.