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      Icebreaker truck still standing

      The Bark River Lions Off-Road Icebreaker truck is still standing. For $2 you can guess the date and time you think the truck will break through the ice. It was this time last year that the truck sank.

      â??This year when you look at it I think weâ??ve got a ways to go,â?? said Bark River Lions, King Lion, Toby Kuivinen. â??We actually just had a coast guard cutter that came and tied up to the doc and broke things up a little. But, winters not over yet. Itâ??s getting close and weâ??re all excited.â??

      Ticket sales have already reached nearly $3,000. If you guess correctly you get half the purse. The other half of the money is donated to local community projects. The winner also receives $500 in Firestone Tires from MR. TiRE and two passes to the Bark River International Raceway. Tickets sales end next Friday.

      Tickets are available at: Adamâ??s Grocery, Auto Value, Joeâ??s Marathon, Lakeshore Chiropractic, Lantagneâ??s Auto Body, Mr. TiRE, Northern Plumbing and Heating, Rosyâ??s Diner, Splash of Color and any Bark River Lion member.

      So far this year, the Bark River Lions have given $60,000 back to the community.