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      Icebreaker winner

      Spring is here! The Bark River Lions Icebreaker truck has finally broken through the ice. It took place yesterday at 3:13 p.m.

      There were about 60 people who guessed the correct day. Cheryl Ohman was the only one who had the right time. She won half the purse, at nearly $1,600, passes to the Bark River International Raceway and $500 in Firestone tires from Mr. TiRE. Over the winter she bought 20 tickets, but she said it was worth it.

      â??Well obviously I was very excited,â?? said Ohman. â??I had this little inkling that maybe I chose that time, but I really didnâ??t remember what time I chose. So, when I found out I won I was like, Yes! I did choose the right time!â??

      The Bark River Lions will donate the other half of the purse back to the community.