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      Icy waters and fast races

      Spring Carnival is attracting large crowds to Marquette Mountain, especially for Saturday's Man Carries Woman Race.

      Fifteen teams competed in this year's race. Male racers would have to carry their female teammates through the 280-foot course. Winners won their female partners' weight in Keweenaw Brewing Company beer or Monster energy drink in addition to cash and gift card prizes. This was Chris Simons first time competing. He and his wife did not win but say they had a blast.

      "I didn't think it was going to be that hard. It doesn't look that bad, but the snow is deep, there's hay bails, you're up and down, slipping and sliding...not as easy as it looks," said Simons, still out of breath. He brought his whole family from Two Rivers, Wisconsin to have fun at Spring Carnival.

      This was the second year that the Man Carries Woman Race was a part of Spring Carnival.

      Marquette Mountain also hosted the ninth annual Polar Plunge benefitting the Special Olympics. It's organized as a large fundraiser by the Law Enforcement Torch Run. Fifty-two people plunged into the icy water this year, most choosing to dress up in costumes or choosing to dress down with less clothing. Many chose to jump in as part of a group, but Linc Marshall was the final plunger and decided to plunge by himself. He decided to dress as the man from the Southern Comfort commercials in only a Speedo and sunglasses and was given a grand entrance.

      "Initially catching your breath is the hardest part. You hit the water and it's just that shock, you know, it's everything you can do to catch your breath, and once you catch your breath, it's not too bad, but it's quite a shock," said Marshall after the plunge.

      The Man Carries Woman Race and the Polar Plunge together raised more than $9,000 for the Special Olympics. Spring Carnival continues Sunday with more events.