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      Immunizations before school begins

      For only one more week, silence will fill the halls of schools across the state, but soon enough theyâ??ll be bustling with students.

      School administrators are reminding parents that before they drop their kids off for school to ensure children are healthy and to submit the proper documentation to administrators that a child has received the recommended immunizations by the Center for Disease Control, or that they have opted out.

      â??Weâ??re going to have about 650 kids here in a couple weeks, and we want to make sure that as we bring those kids into school that weâ??re bringing in kids at the healthiest level possible,â?? said Houghton- Portage Township Elementary School principal Anders Hill.

      The CDC recommends children by the age of six to receive immunizations for measles, mumps, and rubella, DTaP for diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis, chicken pox, polio, and the flu.

      â??Kids will be meeting with each other and thereâ??s higher chance for communicating diseases between themselves, and thatâ??s one reason that we worry mostly about influenza besides all of the other shots,â?? said Portage Health pediatrician Dr. Anas Jaber.

      Dr. Jaber said though parents are able to choose to not immunize their child, itâ??s not advised.

      â??If somebody doesnâ??t want to give the shots, even though we discourage that, but at the same time when they come to the visit we talk about it, and then if they donâ??t want it, we recommend that they go back and read more about it,â?? said Dr. Jaber. â??Of course, by reading about it we mean reading from reliable sources.â??

      Schools will need other information from parents as well, like emergency contacts and information about allergies or other special needs. They also said to have your childâ??s other doctor visits up to date, too.

      â??I would advise parents that if you see your child squinting, or if you have any concerns about vision or hearing I would get that checked out with your doctor or optometrist,â?? said Hill.

      For more information about the CDC immunization schedule for children, click here or here.