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      Importance of athletes staying hydrated

      High school and college football players reported to fields for their first practice session of the season. For some, it's the start of two-a-day practices.

      While football players are on the field running drills for the upcoming season, they are breaking a sweat. The human body is made up of 70 percent of water. If you are sweating without hydrating, your body can overheat.

      "People might become light-headed, they might become dizzy, they might get muscle cramps. Anything that's a change in the way they have been before might be an indicator that fluids are an issue. So you need to listen to your body; it's usually trying to tell if things not working right," said Dr. John Lehtinen.

      Dr. Lehtinen says the start of the season is where you see more heat-related issues with players because they are just starting to get back into shape.

      Coaches are always emphasizing the importance of drinking water. While on the field, they are looking at how players are performing, if they are becoming lethargic, if they are sweating excessively, or if they aren't at all.

      A key clue that your body is getting dehydrated is thirst. That means it's time to drink up. During practices, players get several water breaks.

      "Minimum, every half hour, and if it's really hot and the humidity is really high, we try to do it like every fifteen. We tell the kids, like, as we were leaving the huddle today, you go home and drink maybe one Powerade and two full glasses of water," said Katrina McMasters, Certified Athletic Trainer.

      It's not just on the field--players should drink a glass of water every hour or two, before, during, after practices and throughout the day.

      It's also recommended not drinking energy drinks, soda, and juices.