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      Improvements made to sports complex watering system

      A new water reservoir is being created at the Gladstone Sports Park. This new technology allows the park to create snow in temperatures as high as 29 degrees.

      Gladstone Parks and Recreation officials are optimistic the technology will bring in new customers.

      Gladstone Parks and Recreation Director, Nicole Sanderson says, "With snow covered hills, we'll be able to attract a lot more people and be able to stay open and offer a product that is something that we can really stand behind."

      This 16-foot deep water reservoir will hold enough water to cover the Gladstone Sports Park with six inches of snow. That requires more than two million gallons of water. City officials and store owners are looking forward to the ski hill's longer season with the new reservoir. "We are super excited about Gladstone's new project. It'll extend the season, both at the beginning and the end of the season, which has kind of been the fatal flaw up to date. So it will be a great thing for both us retailers in Escanaba and Gladstone as well as the city of Gladstone," explains local sports shop owner, Matt Marenger.

      Officials are grateful for their loyal guests and are looking forward to the upcoming year.

      "I would like to, you know, extend my thanks to everybody who supported the hill for so many years, through the lean years. Hopefully this year weâ??re going to be able to offer a product that weâ??re not going to be able to disappoint anybody," Sanderson says.

      Annually, the park hopes to open in time for the Christmas break. Officials say they look forward to opening even earlier this year.