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      Improvements planned for Lakeshore Boulevard

      The City of Marquette is looking for more community input on the planned improvements to Lakeshore Boulevard.

      They've developed an online survey giving residents a chance to share their thoughts. There are currently five potential plans for the area. The renovation proposals will cost anywhere from $1.8 million to over $12 million.

      The improvements would include moving lakeshore further from the shore and restoring more beach and a roundabout at the intersection of Wright Street and Lakeshore.

      Earlier in the year, the city held a public forum at Lakeview Arena that showed the possible plans.

      "If we go back to our master plan, the community had already decided that it wanted to relocate Lakeshore Boulevard; so we incorporate that into this project where we look at what are some of the designs we can do to actually accomplish this," said Dennis Stachewicz of Marquette Comm. Development.

      Hard copies of the survey are also available at city hall and the Peter White Public Library. The online survey will be available through August 8.