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      In Iron Mountain, kids bowl for free

      It may look like a typical family and friend night at the local bowling alley, but at Recreation Lanes in Iron Mountain this bowling happens almost every day thanks to a national program called Kids Bowl Free.

      "It offers kids two free games of bowling every day on the days we're open throughout the summer." said Cathy Tomassoni with Recreation Lanes.

      The program has been around for five years and is at 1000 alleys across the U.S. and Canada where over 8.2 million kids have participated.

      "It gives them something to do; an outlet for some of the energy, and we know what happened to some of the energy in the area, and we've found it's been just fantastic." said Tomassoni.

      On Thursdays, a group of friends and family come all the way from the Pembine area in Wisconsin. They've been coming for four years and the kids say they love it.

      "Sometimes when I go to bowling, I would just knock those pins down and just get 100; that's my favorite score." said four-year bowler Chandler Gearhart.

      "To get together with friends is really fun. We do it as often as we can because it's really fun. " said avid bowler Olivia Taylor.

      Any kid up to age 15 can have their parent or guardian register online at and are then sent coupons to participate.

      Kids Bowl Free has also started a scholarship to help local schools and teachers afford classroom supplies.

      "We were quite shocked a couple of weeks ago to find out that Iron Mountain Middle School was one out of 50 schools in the nation out of 10,000 nominated to earn a one thousand dollar grant." said Cathy Tomassoni.

      Kids Bowl Free runs through the end of October in Iron Mountain and is available at Recreation Lanes from noon to 9 P.M. every Tuesday through Saturday.