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      In need of a loving home

      The Delta Animal Shelter is currently housing 87 animals in need of a loving home this holiday season. The shelter is a no-kill local nonprofit. There are dogs, cats, bunnies and a guinea pig available for adoption.

      All animals receive medical care prior to adoption. They are spayed or neutered, vaccinated and micro chipped.

      Not all the animals at the shelter have been abandoned. Some are brought in by owners who have come on hard times and can no longer keep their pet.

      â??We encourage everybody to think of the animals this holiday season,â?? said Susan Gartland, Manager of the Delta Animal Shelter. â??There are so many animals that come through our doors; we take in over 1,200 each year. So, I encourage everybody in this community, come in and adopt from your local shelter.â??

      Typically each month, 90 pets are adopted and roughly 20 lost are found. This month the Delta Animal Shelter hopes to adopt out 100 pets to loving homes.

      Vicky is just one of the many dogs looking for a home.

      "Vicky's a very special dog,â?? Gartland said. â??She is 12 years old and she is deaf. And she is such a sweetheart."

      There is an abundance of cats at the shelter.

      â??This is Uno,â?? said Delta Animal Shelterâ??s Sherry Schafer-Findley. â??He was brought to us by Public Safety, found in Super One's parking lot. It was a very, very cold night.â??

      Uno has since been adopted, but there are still many animals in need of a home this holiday season.The shelter reminds everyone: adopting a pet is a lifetime commitment. They encourage anyone thinking of adopting to remember animals live as long as twenty years, and to examine their lifestyle and decide if a pet will continue to be a good family addition.

      For more information, visit the Delta Animal Shelter website .