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      In-person or online?

      Vacation is about rest and relaxation, but if you spend hours looking online for the best deal, you may just end up with the opposite: a whole lot of stress and some wasted time.

      But not all online booking is bad.

      Steve Lehmann almost always uses the Internet for his travels.

      ??There are sites you can set up to send you email notifications--you can program, 'I want to start at this destination and go to that destination,?? and it'll send you alerts for when the price drops, so it's kind of nice,?? says Lehmann.

      He??s able to find deals and cut the middleman out of the equation, which is a benefit that comes with online booking.

      ??If you're looking for more than just a flight,?? Lehmann says, ??you can definitely find all that stuff online, too."

      But it's not without its setbacks, either.

      ??I got my itinerary changed on me like four times,?? he explains. ??Some of them have little fine print that you have to look for, also, in finding the prices, so there's stuff you have to watch out for.??

      But Bon Voyage Travel in Iron Mountain says they're able to help with those problems.

      ??It??s what I do for a living, and it's what I??ve been doing for almost 20 years now, so I know the product that I sell,?? explains owner, Mari Jo Linton.

      There is often a misconception that an initial fee is required when meeting a travel agent which, Mari Jo says, is generally not the case.

      ??There??s no upfront fee; we help anyone,?? she says. ??Even if they end up not booking, we still are happy to help.??

      When it comes to online savings, most travel agencies can offer you the same deal, if not better. And when it comes to packages deals, they can save you hundreds to upwards of a thousand dollars on a trip.

      ??Being in our area and a small business owner, I think it's worth a five-minute investment to see if I can offer you the same fare,?? Linton says, ??and then you can utilize a locally-owned business."

      There will be times when a great online deal will pop up where it may be best simply to take it.