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      Increasing police presence at schools

      As students went back to school in Marquette on Monday, school officials had to reassure parents their children would be safe.

      Mike Woodard, principal for Superior Hills Elementary, welcomed students and parents back. He also met with Marquette Police Chief Mike Angeli about increased police presence at the schools in the area.

      Woodard says parents have to put their trust in school officials.

      "You have to trust and you have to believe that we're here doing the best that we can. Even in the incident that happened most recently, they did the best they could to protect those kids...some of them gave up their lives for it; that's how important kids are to us," said Woodard. "When you look at a seven year old and you think, how do you protect them? We'll continue to do the best we can."

      Police in Marquette will now be doing walkthroughs at the school during the day.