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      Indoor weekend fun in Houghton

      The fresh snow didn't provide the best conditions for everything on Saturday. Some activities were better indoors.

      In Houghton, some athletes stayed inside to play some frisbee. Saturday was the second annual Holiday GUTS Frisbee Tournament at Michigan Tech University.

      Players from all over the United States participated in the event at Tech's Student Development Complex. The event was free for anyone playing.

      Organizer Ron Blau said a good amount of young participants turned out to play.

      "It has a lot to do with comradery, and we have lots of that as a GUTS community," Blau said. "There's a lot going on all over the country, as far as people that do the same thing as we are doing here. It's nice we see each other and get together for tournaments."

      More than 20 people came out and participated in the five-hour tournament.