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      Inland Seas teaches kids about sailing and marine biology

      Cierra Carignan and Jaycie Drossard

      The Inlands Seas Schoolship Schooner came to Escanaba once again. This morning, kids become biologists and sailors as they learned about what happens below and above the waterâ??s surface in Little Bay De Noc.

      For the twentieth year, the Inland Seas gave kids the opportunity to collect and study samples from in the bay.

      While on the water, they analyzed the waterâ??s quality and marine life.

      â??We learned about plants that come from underwater,â?? said junior biologist Jaycie Drossard. â??And, how plankton is also a plant and itâ??s also an animal. And, we got to see that in the microscope.â??

      Whether it was basic water life knowledge, or more advanced marine biology, each child learned something new.

      â??Itâ??s so inspiring to see these kids come out and light up when they find something for the first time,â?? said Inland Seas education coordinatior, Emily Shaw. â??Or, when they understand that they know something and we get to build upon that.â??

      The students didnâ??t just learn about biology, they were also put to work manning the ship.

      â??Pulling up the anchor and stuff, I thought that was cool!â?? Drossard said.

      If you would like to see the Inland Seas schooner for yourself, theyâ??re offering free tours Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Escanaba Marina.