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      Inmates get a second chance

      Thursday afternoon marked a special moment for Dickinson Countyâ??it was the grand opening and dedication of the Alpha Omega Residential Rehabilitation Home. Itâ??s a facility that not only gives former inmates a new lifestyle, but a new life.

      Deacon Don Christy of Iron Mountain, the founder and director of the home, says the idea began when he saw how many released inmates went back to their old habits.

      â??I found that many of the inmates who served their sentence and were released,â?? explained Deacon Christy, â??in a very short time, they were back in jail again."

      Bishop Alexander Sample of the Diocese of Marquette also attended the ceremony. He would like to see the future residents at the home not only break free from their habits, but start a new life.

      â??My hope would be that, certainly, they would have a chance to get integrated back into society in a healthy way,â?? said Bishop Sample, â??but beyond that, I really would hope that they would come to know the love of God for them."

      Law enforcement, city officials, and residents of Dickinson County were among the many there--a symbol of the community effort that played a pivotal role during the process.

      If an inmate does prove to be eligible for the program, heâ??ll spend 90 days at the Alpha Omega facility at no cost.

      The facility is not only beneficial to the residents, but law enforcement says it may have an effect on other inmates in the county.

      â??The behavior within the jail will be thought about by the inmates,â?? explains Dickinson County Sheriff Scott Celello, â??because they know if they are well-behaved in jail, they'll have a chance to be accepted into the Alpha Omega house."

      Because of the outpouring of community support, it was mentioned at the ceremony that there is hope for a future home for female inmates.