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      Inside look at the Humboldt Mill

      Most of the Eagle Mine work has now shifted from the mine site in northern Marquette county to the Humboldt Mill in Champion.

      Crews at the Humboldt Mill are completing some final details like installing data cable, and equipment in the buildings.

      "It's a really exciting time with the project. All of us here are ready to get into production we can see that coming up. Construction is wrapping up we are getting ready for everything in the fall. So, it's just a really exciting time and we can't wait to be an operating mine," said Dan Blondeau, Sr. Advisor Communication and Media.

      The mill is where ore from the Eagle Mine will be transported to for processing.

      On site there is the primary and secondary crushers where the ore will get crushed down anywhere from 36 inches to 4 inches in diameter.

      It's then sent to the concentrator.

      "Inside the concentrator facility raw ore from our fine ore bins will feed into our ball mills down below they will crush and pulverize the ore using three inch chrome balls," Blondeau said.

      Once the ore gets grounded up it goes through a process of flotation. That's where the Nickel and the Copper gets separated from the rest of the material.

      Afterwards it gets move to the storage and transport building, where they will get shipped off on rail carts.

      Since July 2013 around $75 million has gone into the construction of the mill, a total of around $150 million is going into the facility.

      Officials are expecting everything to be complete within the upcoming weeks.

      Workers will be testing the processes and systems throughout the summer to get everything ready for production in the fall.