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      Inside look at the trucking operation at the Eagle Mine

      Lundin mining has had trucks hauling rock from the mine to the mill for almost two weeks now on one the most heavily used truck routes 550 to Wright Street.

      But what's their trucking operation like?

      Trucks are 71 feet long, with an ore load weighs 150,000 pounds, and has a vehicle monitoring system. The trailer carts are loaded up and ready to go to the Mill, so we went along for a ride.

      "We work a twelve hour shift, we haul about 50 ton of ore from the mine out to mill in Humboldt," said Bruce Collins, driver.

      It's just one of nine M.J. Van Damme trucks the Eagle mine uses. Currently, four trucks are operating seven days a week hauling rock from the mine to the Humboldt mill.

      "Right now in a twelve hour period each truck is doing two round trips. That would take them roughly four to six hours. During operations we will be doing roughly 44 round trips a day," said Dan Blondeau, Eagle Mine.

      Before heading out on the two hour trip, the driver inspects their truck. Each truck is escorted out of the mine property, but before turning onto 550 they make a pit stop.

      "We're going get out and sweep any rock that we picked up on this dirt road. Sweep those off the fender, take them out of the wheels. To make sure we don't throw up rocks on other vehicles on the way to the mine," said Collins.

      Once back in the truck the driver heads onto 550 towards Marquette. Drivers are all specially trained, and make safety on roads a priority.

      After we make our way through Wright Street, down U.S 41 we finally arrive at the mill.

      "What we're hauling right now is essentially rock. We're using that to test all of our dry grinding and crushing systems at the mill so in the fall when we have ore coming into the facility we're ready to go right a way," Blondeau said.

      The driver opens the door to the storage building, drives in and prepares to unload the carts. Then, with the push of a button rocks tumble to the ground.

      So, far processing systems are ready to go for full production in the fall.