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      Inside the Beacon House

      The UP Celebrity Golf Classic kicked off on Wednesday at the Marquette Golf and Country Club.

      It brings national and local celebrities together raising funds for the Beacon house.

      The Beacon House offers peace of mind for more than 10,0000 people each year from across the entire Upper Peninsula. With 34 rooms, it's a home for someone to stay for as long as they are here with someone in the hospital or receiving treatment.

      "It's so important for people going through stressful times to feel like they have got somewhere, it's not home, but it's as close they're going to get. To being somewhere that's safe and comfortable where they can have some privacy and they relax a little bit," said Kellie Barry- Angeli, director of operations.

      The house has a TV lounge, children's room, a kitchen with free food and even a separate relaxation room for people undergoing chemotherapy. It costs around $400,000 to operate the house yearly.

      They rely solely on donations and funds raised through the celebrity golf classic.

      "We still have a mortgage, we still have banks to answer to, we still have utilities. It's an older building so it can be quite expensive if there's a water problem, or elevator problem," said Jesse Schramm, board member.

      They are hoping to raise more than $115,000 through this year's golf classic. While, they count on the generosity from the community, they also depend on a number of volunteers to help keep things running.

      Since their opening, in the 90s, the Beacon house has helped more around 165,000 people.