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      Instrument petting zoo at Calumet First Friday

      The Keweenaw Heritage Center at St. Anne's Church in Calumet held an instrument petting zoo Friday evening for residents to stop by and learn more about various musical instruments.

      On display were a harpsichord, piano, keyboard, pump organ, and pipe organ. A demonstration and brief history of each was given and people were allowed to try out the instruments themselves as well.

      The instrument petting zoo followed the afternoon's organ matinee, which takes place the First Fridays in Calumet. Organizers of the event say it's a great opportunity to spark peoples' interest in learning to play.

      â??Usually, I have any number of people that are very fascinated to learn about the organ, and so when we have chance to have a variety of instruments, it was just the perfect opportunity to be able to talk even more,â?? said pianist Kathleen Arten.

      The players at the organ matinee frequently gives demonstrations like the one today during Calumet's First Fridays for those interested in learning more about the instruments.