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      Insuring your pets

      Have you ever thought about insuring your furry friends?

      Your four-legged friends may be around for several years and they too can fall ill, get injured, and need medical attention. Without insurance you could potentially spend a couple hundred to thousands of dollars for emergency treatment and surgeries.

      However, how do you know if insuring your pet is the way to go?

      "One in three pets a year are going to get sick, are going to get injured; knowing the size of your dog, the breed of your dog, knowing certain conditions they may be prone to," said Dr. Tracy Nyberg, veterinarian.

      So, a couple of things to take into consideration: are they actively outdoors often and is their breed prone to illness or some type of hereditary conditions like cancer?

      There are around a dozen pet insurance companies to choose from including ASPCA, Petplan, Embrace, and VPI, all with different levels of coverage, spanning from the lowest of emergency care to comprehensive, which can include chronic illness and hereditary conditions.

      "Just like human health insurance, a deductible you will have to pay; they will pay up to a maximum amount a year. You know with the different levels, it ranges from $10 to $50 a month," Nyberg said.

      You can also get coverage for alternative medicines, behavioral therapies, pre-existing conditions, and wellness checkups. If you're looking to get coverage, talk to your vet or shop online.