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      Interim superintendent seeks public opinion

      Citizens from the Gwinn area gathered at Gwinn High School to share their concerns about the future of their school district; a room of concerned parents, teachers, and community members, all hoping their voices are heard. They all shared their thoughts with Interim Superintendent Dr. Stephen Piereson.

      "I want to hear directly from and unfiltered version of their concerns are about the future of the school district," said Dr. Stephen Piereson, Interim Superintendent.

      Some parents are upset about the decision to close Gilbert Elementary to offset a deficit. They say the decision was made too fast and without community involvement.

      "You already closed the middle school due to budget crunches. You moved the sixth graders into the middle school, and now you're closing the elementary school. What's next year? What are we closing next year?" asked Lynn Osborne, parent.

      Other residents say it will stop people from moving to the area.

      "You do whatever you can do to attract people to your area, and by the closing of Gilbert, what we are doing is the complete opposite," said Leesa Misterly.

      Also a topic of concern, cutting Gwinn High School day from seven periods to six periods. Some say it will cut beneficial programs and opportunities for students.

      "The seven-hour day allows my child to have the classes that she needs to take, the classes that she wants to take. She can take college courses; that six-hour day kills that," said another parent at the meeting.

      Dr. Piereson says he plans to take into account what everyone had to say at the meeting.