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      International minister born in Wakefield briefly returns to U.P

      He hasn't lived in the Upper Peninsula for 57 years, but Reverend John Lunn still considers it a home.

      Born in Wakefield, Lunn now lives all over the world, spreading his ministry to places as far away as India, Liberia and Tanzania.

      But he paid a visit Sunday to Messiah Lutheran Church in Marquette as part of a home assignment to visit congregations sponsoring his church, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.

      As a missionary, he says he tries to pass along his message wherever he can, regardless of his success.

      "The important thing is that we have a message to share. And we share it in every place that we go. And sometimes it takes root and sometimes it doesn't. We don't have control over that. share that good news." said Lunn.

      Lunn was also in town to recruit volunteers for a health volunteer program to assist and accompany him in bringing relief to those foreign countries he works in.