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      Interracial couple facing animosity in Trenary

      The town of Trenary has a population just over 500. Its two newest residents, Sean and Tara Lewis, are drawing the attention of some for an unlikely reason: they're an interracial couple.

      "We moved here to be in a quiet town where we can raise our kids," says Tara.

      Things were pretty quiet until Friday, July 16, around 2 a.m. The couple was home playing cards.

      "We got a knock at the door, and my husband had informed me that it was people telling us not to get comfortable here, and that we needed to leave town if we cared about our family," Tara explains.

      A vague, late-night threat. Tara says she didn't believe what Sean just told her, so she went outside and yelled to the two men leaving her yard.

      "I went out there and confronted the people and asked if they have a problem, and they proceeded to tell me that they don't have people of this kind in this town," Tara says.

      By "people of this kind," those threatening meant Sean, a black man.

      "You know, it needs to stop. It's 2010, not the '40s. It's a shame people are still stupid like that in the head," says Sean.

      Tara got the license plate number of the men who visited their home and called the police.

      The next morning, she was driving to work and something seemed wrong with her car. She pulled over, popped the hood, and found that her antifreeze cap was missing, her oil had been drained, and her emergency brake line had been cut. She again notified the police.

      Police are not releasing the names of their two suspects. One of them has been arrested but not yet arraigned; the other has not yet been picked up.

      The Lewises say that most of their neighbors have welcomed them with open arms. Among them, Katie Timonen, who lives down the street and sometimes babysits their kids.

      "I think it's wrong," says Timonen. "I might as well discriminate someone who has brown hair, brown eyes, because I have blonde hair, blue eyes. I don't think it's right at all."

      Many others agree but would not say so on camera, and the Lewises say they're not going anywhere.