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      Intoxicated man shoots at police

      A Menominee County man is out of jail Monday night. However, he's in a lot of trouble connected to firing a gun, including shooting at police.

      Dave Patrick Thompson, 55, of Menominee Township was arrested Saturday night.

      The Menominee County Sheriff's Department was called to the Menominee Township home for an intoxicated man firing a gun. When officers arrived, they reported being fired at. After a short standoff with deputies, an officer negotiated Thompson's surrender.

      Menominee County Sheriff's deputies secured a search warrant for the house. Officers found numerous firearms and a large amount of ammunition.

      Thompson was arraigned Monday afternoon on charges of intoxicated use of a firearm, reckless discharge of a firearm and domestic violence. He plead guilty to the charges, and is scheduled to be sentenced August 6.