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      Intragastric Balloon new weight loss tool

      If you're overweight, you're not alone.According to the Centers for Disease Control 35 percent of adults in the U.S. are obese.

      In an effort to change that, Marquette General Hospital is one of eight sites conducting a non-surgical weight loss procedure known as ReShape Duo.

      It's called a dual Intragastric Balloon and it's placed in the stomach through the Esophagus during an Endoscopy.

      "It makes you feel full and as a result of feeling full you eat less. If you eat less it can help as an adjunct, help you lose weight more efficiently and faster than with normal diet and exercise," said Dr. Wayne English, M.D. Bariatric and Metabolic Institute at MGH.

      The silicone balloon is filled with saline after it's placed in the stomach. This is the second trial ReShape Medical is conducting for its product.

      So MGH is looking for twenty qualifying people to enroll before the end of December.

      In order to qualify you have to be between the ages of 21-60. Have a body mass index of 30 to 40. With 30 being obese which is around 35 pounds overweight. And have maintained that BMI for the last five years.

      It's a six-month trial, but it's a lifestyle change.You will have to meet with a dietician weekly, adopt healthy eating habits and be physically active.

      "An instruction on diet advancement. An instruction on a diet plan for them that met their needs for calories," said Sherri Rule, RD, CSSD.

      Thirty-nine people participated in the previous trial through MGH. And, for those who met the requirements they lost at least twenty pounds.

      "To be able to finally get out and run that 5k race that you have always wanted to run, but haven't been able to because your joints hurt so bad because you were so overweight. So, the rewards that I've seen have been multifaceted," Rule said.

      The balloon is removed after six months.

      Click here to find out more information.

      You can also call 1-855-578-8395 or the Bariatric & Metabolic Institute at Marquette General (906) 225-7979