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      Invention Convention displayed unique student creations

      The West Iron County gymnasium was swarming on Tuesday with eager and proud fifth graders ready to show other classes their nifty inventions.

      As part of their Invention Convention, these fifth graders had to design and create a product based on their interests or a need they saw.

      For Casey Siewiorek, it was a safety measure that drivers could use. He heard his dad mentioning the frustration of being blinded on the road at night when someone passed with their bright lights still on.

      â??My dad had the idea for a really long time, but he never really had the opportunity to do anything about it,â?? Siewiorek said.

      So Casey stepped in and decided to create a product that automatically dims the bright lights when an oncoming car is approaching.

      â??It basically helps people so they don't have to be blinded when they're driving and they won't get into an accident,â?? Siewiorek said.

      It was a similar story with Logan Horton. He saw a need for recycling and did something about it.

      â??We didn't really recycle in our house so I wanted a way we could recycle more,â?? Horton said.

      He created one garbage bin with four separate compartments and bags to make separating recyclables easier and less messy.

      â??We put a rubber band around it under the paper bag so then if you put in something heavy it won't fall to the bottom of the garbage can,â?? Horton said.

      Those were only two examples of many clever and resourceful inventions at the convention on Tuesday. Other students viewed creations such as a gravity hovercraft board, to a camping sponge with soap already in it, to buttonless clasp for shorts.

      By the end of the convention, it was encouraging to see ingenuity and creativity already starting in the students who may be the world's next inventors.