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      Investigation into murder of Marquette man continues

      On a snowy February night in 2010, Robert Dusseau was shot to death at his business, Quik Cash and Guns in Marquette. After nearly two years, his murder remains unsolved.

      But police say their investigation has pointed them in the direction of one man, Ryan Saari, a felon, currently serving time in prison for being in possession of firearms.

      Detective Sergeant Todd Johnston of the Michigan State Police says, "Ryan Saari remains a person of interest. Based on his information and the information we were able to gather during the investigation, we can't clear him off of being a person of interest at this time."

      While police won't say what the motive may have been, Dusseau's friend and former business partner, Ryan Kuntze, says he believes Dusseau's murder was a case of mistaken identity.

      Kuntze says, "The only thing I could ever speculate was there was a misidentification, and somebody thought he was somebody else. That's all I can speculate on. That's the only thing that makes sense to me."

      Because fingerprints taken by police at the crime scene were unidentifiable, police say the key to solving this case is the recovery of personal items taken from Dusseau after his murder.

      Detective Sergeant Johnston says, "If we can find those, and obviously the person who has possession of those or has placed those items in certain places, obviously that's somebody we'd like to talk to."

      Ryan Kuntze says he hopes the police will continue their investigation. "Justice needs to be served in this case. I think in all cases somebody needs to be brought to justice for what they've done," Kuntze said.

      Investigators are hoping an $11,000 reward will lead to a break in the case. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Michigan State Police in Negaunee.