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      iPads a success in the classroom

      The most up-to-date technology is in the hands of fourth through twelfth grade students. Last fall, over 1,000 iPads were handed out to students from the Calumet, Laurium, and Keweenaw (CLK) School District.

      Instant access to information is at their fingertips, and school officials say the classroom has become much more efficient.

      â??I think they have exceeded my expectations. Our teachers have seamlessly infused them into their everyday teaching, and I have seen a more engaged learning environment in our school district,â?? said CLK Superintendent Darryl Pierce.

      Students can learn anytime and anywhere. Under the direction of their teacher, students can use the iPad once they finish an assignment or test.

      â??The teachers have found numerous apps that can benefit individuals in the classroom; so certain apps are used for different students and certain apps are used for different subject areas,â?? Pierce said.

      Many students say having an iPad is a much easier and faster way to read their textbooks and complete their homework. Even teachers have seen an improvement in the studentsâ?? performance.

      â??Probably the largest improvement is just motivation. They want to learn, and if you can get them to want to learn and want to be here, the rest of it becomes much easier,â?? said fourth grade teacher Holly Rivest.

      Online assessments can also be created through the iPad, and once completed, the information is sent directly to the teacher which is automatically graded.

      The iPads have had very few technical problems. If you are wondering whether or not the students are taking good care of their tablets, Superintendent Pierce says students know it is a privilege to have something very few in the nation have access to.