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      Iron County Medical Facility expanding

      A multi-million dollar expansion project is planned for the Iron County Medical Care Facility. It was proposed in June, and now everything is in place to move forward.

      The $9.1 million addition will give the facility much needed space.

      Last year, the center had to turn away about a hundred special needs patients due to the lack of beds.

      â??We did have a need for additional special needs unit beds to address our dementia residents,â?? said Chester Pintarelli, â??along with the need to address the short-term rehab needs.â??

      The number of beds in the facility will not change; it'll remain at 200. However, the center will increase the number of special needs beds by reassigning beds from other areas of the facility.

      â??All of our residents are intermixed in all the different wings, and if they're here for rehab, they may be in a wing where a lot of the other residents are not in rehab,â?? said Debbie Rossato.

      Currently patients have to travel all the way around the facility to get to the rehab center. With the new addition, that won't be the case as patients will be closer.

      The Iron County Medical Facility gives patients more of a feeling like home rather then a medical facility. Officials say the addition will add to that experience.

      â??The rooms will have better bathroom facilities so we can actually work on their activities of daily living,â?? Rossato says. â??We'll have a kitchen area so we can work on activities there, activities of daily living as well as more of a home environment.â??

      The last time the Iron County Medical Care Facility was renovated was six years ago.

      This new addition will improve care for dementia patients and improve efficiency for patients and staff.